Big news from ClickBank


I'm on vacation down in sunny San Diego, California and didn't
plan on working, but... I just found out out about some big news
from ClickBank and wanted to let you know right away.

If you're a clickbank affiliate you can finally track
conversions yourself and not have to ask the merchant to add
code to their website.

Clickbank will now let you add a "tid" variable your hoplinks.

So let's say your affiliate link is

and you are sending out an email to your subscribers. You just
add '?tid=email1117'  or whatever you want. When people order
you can see where they found the link, in this case 'email1117'.

So your link would look like:

Now you can use Google Adwords and know exactly which keywords
are bringing in cash by setting up a different url for each
keyword like:

Then you can compare how much you've spent on each keyword to
how much you've made on each and adjust your bids accordingly.

This is great news and long awaited from Clickbank.

Hope this was helpful.



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