两家合并,以 SoftLayer的商标提供服务,11月16号合并。


At long last, I'm pleased to announce that the transaction to merge The Planet® and SoftLayer® is complete!

Next week, on November 16th, we will have officially joined forces and begin serving you as one company under the SoftLayer brand. As previously announced, it's my privilege to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the merged organization, and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how excited we are about this important milestone and what it means for you.

Your SoftLayer accounts and services remain unchanged. But now, joined with The Planet's scale of operations, highly-trained and certified engineers, and multiple data center locations, we are able to bring you even more options to meet your hosting needs.

You'll receive greater value through:

An expanded product line, with the full-range of hosting solutions available from one provider.
Increased geographic diversity for greater redundancy and more direct connections to customers, including an entry point for our international operations.
An improved Service Level Agreement with 100% uptime and 2-hour or less hardware replacement (failure or upgrade) guaranteed.
Expanded partnerships with industry leaders, leveraging our two companies' collective experience, relationships, and buying power.

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