UK2 加入i2Coalition


We’re pleased to announce that we have joined, as a founding member, the Internet Infrastructure Coalition, or i2Coalition. The i2Coalition is a group of global Internet infrastructure providers and technology firms in support of Internet growth.

Many of you may remember the SOPA and PIPA acts from earlier this year. These two proposals were serious threats to the progression and free-market state of the Internet. The i2Coalition was organized to combat against these types of threats and help the Internet continue to thrive freely. 

As part of the UK2 Group, UK2.NET supports the mission and goals of i2Coalition through our innovative products and unique services. We believe the efforts of the i2Coalition are in the best interest of our clients, our company, and the internet as a whole. 


The UK2 Team

UK2 旗下有不少主机商,包括 100tb等。提供的业务有美国空间,英国空间,域名注册,独立主机,云VPS,VPN。

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